Cultural Selfportret

Hello my name is Diede Bosman, I am 15 years old. And currently I am in year 11 of school. I follow bilingual education in the Netherlands. I like to watch movies and listen to music. From the art forms I like film the best followed by music and thirdly dance. For CKV I have visited a church in Seville and wrote a report about it’s architectural structures. I would like to watch a special not big produced film or watch a ballet.

I visit the cinema not regularly or often, it depends on what films are playing. I usually like sappy romance movies, sometimes comedies/fight-films. I never read review, I watch trailers to find out if I’m interested or not. I get really afraid of thrillers or films which are too predictable or with stories which have been done many times before or are very much alike. My favourite is probably Pitch Perfect, with Anna Kendrick who then is my favourite actress. The last movie I have seen were Hartenstraat, which I thought didn’t have good actors or a well-written storyline. When I watch a film most likely it will be on Netflix or on television. I particularly like Broadchurch, because they play with real emotions secondly the storyline is real and the drama completes it.

Now on to music, my taste depends on how the words and instruments fit together. I am a fan of Florence and the Machine, it is kind of alternative and nothing like I had heard before, she has a wide range of sad, happy and uplifting songs. Currently my favourite cd is by Lady Gaga called Joanne. This year on the Boulevard Festival in ’s Hertogenbosch where a woman preformed which was marvellous. I myself don’t play an instrument. I can’t stand very loud busy music.

I can’t dance but sometimes at parties I don’t care so I go for it anyway. I like all kinds of dances but to watch mostly modern. I have never seen a dance show but I would like to, something such as the national ballet.

A show I have been to a K3 show when I was little, now I would rather go to a play like the Lion King. I have seen a cabaret show of Brigitte Kaanborg on television.

I have been to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where I looked at the paintings of Picasso and Rembrandt, also I viewed some pictures made by artists whom I don’t remember the names of.  The prettiest painting I have ever seen was probably a painting in Seville in a museum, I can not remember its name, all I can remember that the painting covered almost the entire wall, it wasn’t a representation of something it was a square with different shades of blue, black, grey and white, it was like the painter just dotted the colours at random places, and yet with the full intention of making it like how it turned out. However in that gallery was also a piece which I really did not like, it were three lines, vertically in the most unappealing colours I had ever seen. It was very boring, however what annoyed me most was the fact how the lines were not symmetrical. As if the painter had tried but failed and gave up. At home we have a painting which used to belong to my grandmother, it is a painting of the sea at Wassenaar. It is a great reminder. I like to fill in mandalas or other colouring stuff.

Another thing I enjoy doing is photography, I use an old camera which I borrow from my mum when we are on holidays. It is nothing like the luxurious camera my dad owns but it takes decent pictures. When we are on a holiday I take pictures of the view, of my parents, of things I think are beautiful ,from things I want to remember and from people who do something special or nothing particular but just look like they are right where they belong in the frame. I usually don’t focus on the lighting, however I do notice when the light should change or isn’t optimal.

I also take pictures of pretty building. Like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It is very extravagant and Gaudi is a great architect who really knows how to make buildings go that extra mile and make then look like nothing you have ever seen before. That is what I like most, it is one of a kind. I like old and special buildings, I dislike block buildings, which look boring and grey.  I absolutely love churches, especially the ones which are very decorated, normally I am more of a minimalistic kind of girl but churches can go all out, most important on the inside with pretty mosaic and stained glass windows. When I was in Barcelona I visited a lot of Gaudi’s work also his buildings, like the Sagrada Familia.