Wicked 2017

During our trip to London , we visited the musical Wicked. Wicked is a story about how the wicked witch in the story of the Wizard of Oz became so wicked, it is the story of her life.

It all started when we walked into the room we sat very far in the back it was a very large theatre with a huge stage.

We sat almost in completely in the back, the actors looked like little ants. Still I was able to fully understand the storyline. That was most likely because the people on stage used very big, clear movements. The lights and music contributed greatly to the story as well, the only shady thing was that the voices sounded pre-recorded. Not that I minded that very much, it just kind of confused me.  I always like singing and dancing in a movie, this was just like a movie in real life. The story was childish, but for someone who grew up with Disney movies and still enjoys them, it was spectacular to experience.

Sadly I was not able to see the second half of the show because I did not feel well.