Museum Voorlinden

During the Easter of 2017 I visited Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, the museum shows works of art of a lot of different artists, whom are included in the permanent collection. Now and then they display a special exhibition dedicated to one artist. This time it was the British artist Martin Creed who was offered to show his exhibition in Voorlinden.

The building was specially for the museum, and is still fairly new. It is a new museum in a modern building. A fun fact is that some of the works were put in the museum even before it was finished. They had to build around it. Or there are works of art which are integrated in the building permanently. For instance there is a swimming pool of sorts for you can look at it from down up so they had to place it in first and create an extra level beneath it.

The museum showed mostly modern, contemporary art in the permanent collection. All the artist still live now and are currently still designing. The works show relevant subjects to every day matters, such as wars and waste problems. Some of the artist from the permanent collection are Ron Mueck, Leandro Erlich and Roni Horn.

I first visited the exhibition of Martin Creed, it was the special part of the museum for the time being. It all started with a room filled from the floor to the ceiling with balloons. Martin Creed ment it to be so that you could interact with the piece of art in a fun way. When you had passed the balloon room you entered a room with works of art scattered around. Some took up the entire wall, some were placed in the middle of the room, one stood all around the border of the room and a few hang up on the wall.

Every piece of art had a story behind it which you could read in a booklet during your walk through the exhibition. The stories were interesting and informative, Martin Creed wrote it himself so that the visitors were able to view his exhibition through his eyes. The little booklet also showed the route to walk which helped a lot since everything was displayed very “messy” it was nice to have something to hold on to.

The name of his exhibition is “SAY CHEESE!”. Personally I find that the name fitted very well, I assumed that the works were not specially made to be taken very serious. Some of them had a deeper meaning like the video of the disabled people crossing the street, however, most of them did not and were only made to make you happy or simply for you to enjoy the work.

My four favourite works were Work No. 1820 by Martin Creed, Work No. 2793 by Martin Creed, Pyramide de Crânes by Robert Zandvliet and Deuz Temps by Michel Francois.

Firstly No. 1820 by Martin Creed, it is made from 64 different lightbulbs in a square on a wall. When I walked in the room it really stood out to me, probably because of the lights ,however when I watched more closely I couldn’t stop looking.

The other work of Martin Creed No. 2793 is part of a two piece composition one is horizontal and with different colours, the other one of my favourites is in black and white and standing up. The work is simple splashed paint on a canvas, but he did not do it alone he let lots of people have a go with splashing some paint. What stood out the most was the motive: “The world is a mess”.

The third piece to me longer to unravel in the beginning I only saw black and white patched, weirdly I even liked that but then the different layers combined and the skulls unleashed, the way Robert Zandvliet constructed this piece was amazing, simple but complicated. That is to my liking.

Lastly a very simple work, a block of black marmer right next to a block of transparent ice. The ice is constantly changing, the marmer stays the same, it represent transience and eternity. It is not so much the blocks itself that interest me, to be fair the fact that the ice changes into a puddle of water is sort of cool, yet again the story behind it fascinates me about how some things will stay the same forever and some fade away into oblivion.

All in all, visiting the museum Voorlinden was a great experience and I looked my eyes out. I saw loads of different works of art by artists all over the world. Not all were to my liking, some really stood out. The Martin Creed composition was everything except ordinary, not all pieces were part of my taste, nevertheless did I enjoy watching the his exhibition.